ComFest Killed!

This weekend was our biggest show to date! We packed up and traveled to Columbus, OH Community Festival (hereafter known as ComFest.) We were a bundle of nerves trying to make sure we were ready...vertical display ('cause we were sharing space), inventory inventory inventory, cooler full of food so we didn't have to blow hard-earned cash, clothes so we looked cool, display cases, business cards in droves, business card holder, receipt book, apron, tools and supplies to work on in down time. WHEW! That list is seriously not even the tip of the iceberg that got stuffed into our rented Toyota Corolla.

The crowd at ComFest was amazing! We were quite well received by the Festival Goers, as well as by the people with whom we shared our booth.

We made enough money to expand our selling like hotcakes ring collection to include sterling silver. Up to now we've been using solely brass, copper, and steel. The price point on silver is higher, this is an allergic world, man! It's just so darn expensive to get going with rings (earwires take a lot less silver. We also used profits to invest in gemstones, new fabric, a shade umbrella, bead/stone cases, and more festivals! Our little design business is growing so quickly!

AK-47 and I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who stopped by our space. Your compliments meant the world to us and help us keep working even when we're exhausted. There will be new things coming quickly to our etsy site.

Also, due to popular demand, devochka will be expanding to include men's/unisex items including rings, cufflinks, and money clips. They were so popular we sold out!

I'm being beckoned, so more later. Thank you all again!

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