W.O.W. Whip it Out Wednesday (catchy logo to come)

So AK-47 and I were brainstorming last night about the blog, you know, trying to come up with something snazzy that would make us sure to post weekly. While brainstorming we whipped out a bunch of new stuff for the (AVL Vintage and Handmade Bazaar)with previously mentioned silver wire. Taa-Daa!

Whip-it Out Wednesday was born. This week's version is sponsored by Thursday: The Day After.

This series of posts is going to have quite a few pictures, well, on the good days, anyways...

Our messy little workstation in the living room:

Earrings galore, mostly salvaged beads, etc:

The Whole Gang and a crocheted bracelet inspired by a shop on etsy I swear I hearted, but can't find now:

and finally! three rings with a side view:

I'm not too sure why things throw themselves outta whack picture-wise, you're along for the ride with me on the learning curve express! Ain't it fun?

Artist to check out for today, July 9, 2009: Antony Gormley! Now, I don't know him personally, and I haven't got an anecdote about him; but his art is stupendous! It's ethereal and haunting. In me, it provokes thoughts of growth, movement, and change. I look forward to conversations about his work.

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  1. arrrrrrgh! I am so going to remember NEXT TIME! to post these damn photos smaller! But Hell! photos are fun.