Breaking up is hard to do...

This computer thing is ridiculous. Who would've thought changing from PC to Mac would be such a rotten pain in the ass? Don't get me wrong, the more I use this thing, the more I love it. It's just that I have other things I want to do with my spare time; data transferring is not exciting, people.

So I figured I'd get back in the swing of things by posting a few pictures I took for a juried show. We haven't entered many yet, but we hope to as the feedback we're getting makes us think this little Devochka thing could work. The dream of sustaining ourselves rather than working under someone else's thumb is motivating and seemingly attainable. The hardest part seems to be devoting enough time to the 'business' side of business running. I digress. We firmly believe that the photos make or break it in a juried show, so it seemed time to try something besides the standard black background. Why not fabric? After all, we're addicted to it.

We'd really like some feedback on these. We wanted 5 to choose from, and since we make such a wide variety of items, we thought maybe the vignette feel would be good for us. Although, in hindsight, we should've taken some details while we were at it...

It's starting to get late, and there's no better time than now. (That should be my new motto!)

Clockwise from Left, Resin square with hand-cropped photo from a trip to Vegas (this photo will never exist again), Hammered sterling and Moonstone earrings, Shrinky-Dink in resin cab in crocheted copper brooch, and Sterling ring w/ Ocean Jasper and Kyanite

A selection of wallets (wrist and pocket) and one upcycled leather cuff (in back.) We like this photo, but wish the silver leather wallet was scooted up a bit...

A selection of our resin work: Needle Pendants, Bracelets (i wish some of the others were still around to photo), and our new, super fancy Rings!

Some more 'masculine' stuff: acorn nut cufflinks, copper skull ring wrapped in steel, gray leather cufflinks

More! From L: Red skull pendant (we made that mold), resin square w/ cropped photo bracelet, (center)Large(ish) 'carved flowers' pendant, Sterling ring w/ vintage teardrop costume rhinestone, re-used pearl, and vintage glass ring, shrinky pendant (matte side forward) and 2 dyed pearls in sterling ring

I think I'm getting juuuuust sleepy enough that my brain went straight from conversational to factual...

Again we'd really like to hear honest critique. We have some ideas, but it's always nice to have an outside opinion. Oh, and wish us luck on getting in to The Big Crafty!

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