Adios, PC

there's a Mac in our future!

So, we've decided to ditch the idea of getting our dumb old tower repaired. I'm sorry, boogie, but you were a tired old heap and you know it! Our 'computer guy', Joe (we LOVE you, Joe) is putting a Mac tower together for us! We are so ridiculously excited! Can you say video tutorials, anyone? ...Anyone?

Our main hope is that all the data we haven't been wise enough to back up recently is recoverable...Joe seems to think so.

We're sorry as the dickens about not being able to blog and work our Etsy to death and post on our various favorite sites, but soon enough dear internets, you'll be ours again!

Tomorrow is (hopefully) the delivery day...It's a tweaked up G4 tower.

Old in its own right, but you darling devochkas just haven't got a lot of cash. Besides, we're saving our loot for a fancy schmancy MacBook Pro!!!

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