For a limited time only!

A short time ago, I rescued a stack of gorgeous!!! leather from ending it's life in the dumpster outside a local furniture store. It seems that one of the makers had discontinued a ton of colors, and the shop was sick of having them lying around.

Now let me say first, that I am vegetarian, have been for years, and do not purchase leather, not even belts, but I couldn't stand to see it get dumped in the landfill. Too shameful. So I scuttled home with my stack and heaved it down in the middle of my work table...

I made a wallet, which I hated and shall not post here or anywhere. Then I started on cuffs. Super sexy, snazzy little cuffs. Modern, wide cuffs. All sorts of cuffs. When the leather's gone I'll start working in fabric again, yum.

Also, as this week's installment of Whip it Out Wednesday! A rubber backed houndstooth belt! It snaps so you can exchange buckles (handy since I make buckles too.)

The leather:

The cuffs:

W!O!W! belt: brown/green super houndstooth cotton on orange rubber. Baby blue bias. (I love me some contrast!):

And finally, I just wanted to take a moment to share with you a podcast that I listen to at work. I am lucky to have a job that allows me to listen to about 7 hours of podcasts daily... CRAFTCAST by Alison Lee. Alison speaks with a different cutting edge artist every week. I call them cutting edge because these are the envelope pushers. These people, who take skill in their chosen medium(s) to a who' nudda level, speak openly and (hopefully) honestly about their creative process, designing new processes, what helps them out of lulls, sparks their engines, and keeps them going even when they're exhausted. There are marketing tips, ideas, and artists I look up to regularly! Her craftcast site is enjoyable, navigable, and inspirational in it's own right. Check it out!

Toodles, fiends!


  1. Awesome cuffs! Don't you love when a dumpster dive turns up such useful material?

  2. Heck yes! We are addicted to finding things and making the yummystuffs out of them.

    Thanks for the niceties, jen.