Our computer died a painful death a few days ago. We were forced to borrow a computer from a dear friend. (Thanks, Amanda!) We've only got use of it for a coupla days while our old beast is getting repaired. (Thanks, Joe!) Not that I'm all that technologically advanced, but here's the deal...we got error after error after error. Tried repairing windows. Nope. Tried reinstalling. Nope. Tried putting a few new hard drives in. Nope. So it seems a chip on the motherboard dumped for us. WAAAAAAH!

Good thing? We found a hook up on a (being) refurbished MacBook Pro. Let's hope the money finds it's way to us.

There will not be too many blogs for a minute, but keep checking back. We'll let you know as soon as we get up and running again.

The mold-making tutorial will be one of the first things up once we're back on...

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